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As students progress through their secondary education, they crave opportunities to influence current events and community issues. enFocus seeks to expose the best minds in local universities to challenging industry business problems, acting as a catalyst for the upcoming Millenial workforce to think about societal innovation and entreprenuership early and often.

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The enFocus fellowship is designed to create a sustainable ecosystem of innovation and impact. We place Fellows on projects that will have a lasting impact for the sponsor organization. While working on projects, Fellows receive mentorship from enFocus Directors and Board members, which accelerates Fellow growth and maximizes the return on investment for sponsors.

Jason Bourne, Fellow 2012 - 2015

We look for interns that are...

An enFocus employee must know how to solve problems with limited resources and be able to scale his or her solution in a fractal fashion to more than the immediate situation at hand.

Self-Motivated Problem Solvers

We seek individuals who attack a problem with initiative, identify innovative solutions, and work well with a team to achieve organizational goals.


Everything that enFocus does is for the benefit of the community at large. Similarly, our Fellows and Interns must act in the interest of making the Michiana region a better place to live, work, and play.

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